Making Him My Cuck

Jason finally admitted to me that with my urging and help, he was becoming somewhat use to the nasty things I was putting him through. The toughest times for him were obvious; having to give Mack a blowjob because it had happened in front of me, and the thought of me going over board in front of other men. It was one thing for me to encourage him to do stuff for me behind closed doors, but it was something all together different with a witness to his denigration …

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Cuckold For Life

I woke up to a beautiful Saturday morning and had such a craving for Mack to ravage me as only Mack knew how to do. Jason was still sound asleep and I knew he’d hate me if he knew what I was thinking after what happened to him last week. I needed to get off so badly after thinking about that, that I began fingering myself over the images still running through my head …

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Brandis First Fling

She was wearing a see-through camisole and a matching thong. She said Welcome home, sweetie! and began kissing me passionately. Wow I thought, she really missed me! as she kissed her way down my stomach. Brandi soon peeled down my boxers and began sucking my cock. She sucked me for a good minute before mumbling, You want to hear what a naughty wife I’ve been while you were away? I thought she was playing a game; we had done things like this before, so I said, Sure! What have you done? …

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So I had this constant battle between my moral lady self and my natural tramp self, wanting to be had often and hard. Nature intended women to sample as much sperm as possible to guarantee the strongest offspring. My body was betraying my mind. Society demands pure women – women’s bodies demand strong sperm. It is a conflict I could not resolve….

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Cum Drinker

So, for about the next 2 hours, I fucked and sucked every guy in that frat house until there wasn’t a drop of sperm left in any of them, and it was all up my pussy or down my throat, or mostly, all over my tits and face and in my hair. At one time, I counted six guys jerking off all over my head while I fucked this black football player’s ass off, and wouldn’t you know they all came all over my hair and face. I had to stop and get a towel to wipe the shit off my face. I was drenched in it, I swear! whispered the young wife …

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A Night With The Guys

She wanted me to drive home so we decided to take my car home and leave hers at the office. On the way home Cindy did another first … she unbuckled my pants and gave me a blowjob all the way home. That night we went straight too bed because it was 4am and she was exhausted. I on the other hand (quite literally), came three times in bed as I replayed what had happened that night. My wife obviously enjoyed other men desiring her and that was ok with me … it was her fantasy.

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Pictures of Amy

You’re so beautiful and you look so hot when you’re having sex, Blake told her. So have sex with me. After we look at those pics again. Amy laughed and stood up to retrieve her collection, Maybe you should put one in your wallet so you can jack off to it at work. That’s not a bad idea, Blake kidded back. Help me pick one. Amy returned with a shoebox of pictures and dropped it on the table, There they are. Tell me about them again, Blake said leaning back and watching his wife pull out the top picture. Ok, Amy said a little reluctantly. Here’s me giving him head in the back of the limo right after the reception. It looks like you can barely get your mouth around it, Blake smiled rubbing his crotch…

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Cuckold Fantasies

Jay is a confirmed voyeur and a frequent visitor to the adult bookstores and sex shops in our city. I used to love to hear him talk about his nocturnal visits to these sex stores, about the small, dark movie booths, the grainy flash of porno on miniature screens, the men lurking in the dim corridors, and the glory holes…

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A Cuckolds Proposal

Tony pulled her back close to him as he bent down to kiss her on the lips sending his tongue deep inside her mouth. His cock slipped out of her pussy as he lifted himself back up and held her legs high in the air as if she were a trophy and turned toward the camera and said. See my sperm inside your wife? Tony than took one hand and reached down placing a finger at the opening to play with the glob of cum dripping out of her pussy.
Tony than lifted her off the bed and bent down to kiss her on the lips as he patted her …

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A Night To Remember

Lynn’s dressed to please him again as she has put on a short black skirt with a see-through white blouse through which her wonderful breasts are clearly visible as Lynn has no bra on. This she has partly covered by putting on a black blazer which occasionally falls open to reveal her breasts to anyone lucky enough to be in front of her, but what pleases him most is that Lynn has put on her nylon seamed stockings and her new high heeled shoes. What he doesn’t know is that she has no knickers on and she knows that will drive him wild when he finds out….

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