Cuckold by Default

Suck it you slut, Jack commanded my wife. She twirled her pretty head over his gorging muscle like it was a lollipop. Yeah more like it. Yea keep doing it and I’ll promise you those black gangbangers. Yeah, you can be their whore, live with them, get fucked good and hard everyday. When Jack’s dick erupted, Danielle hungrily swallowed the reward licking up the overflow that spilled down his dick and balls. After that she laid on his bed naked legs open. I need you everyday, honey, my wife told Jack.

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Happy Cuckold

Seeing your wife with another man had always sent a thrill down my spine and this time it was no different. Under my sheets, my libido had sprung to life and my hands automatically went to stroke it. The professor increased his pace and shuddered as he exploded inside my wife’s warm pussy. I had also spilled my seed, but inside my underwear. They kissed long and passionately,tongues dancing with each other …

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Cuckold Dreams

The thought of seeing a big cock slide into her belly and fill it with cum always turned me on. I told her I wanted her to fuck another guy while I watched. I told her how I wanted to see the big head of a cock slide past her pussy lips and fill her belly to capacity, then squirt his cum deep in her belly and watch it leak out the sides. To show her how it would feel to get fucked by a huge cock, we used a lot of dildos, Heather liked to be fucked with the dildos while she sucked my cock …

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Cuckold Education

Ralph, I’ll answer your questions in due time. However, let me go back to the reason for asking you over. First of all, you know the students we have for this program are all adult minority male students – all are black. They are the hard core unemployed and the aim of this pilot program is an approach of finding new ways to address the educational needs of this group. This project is near and dear to me. I don’t want it clouded by scandal, especially where one of my white teachers is sexually involved with the students…

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