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The next couple of weeks flew by without any real problems at all. Life between Jason and I seemed to be back on track; other than my teasing him over nearly every hunk of a man that we passed by.

After my vaginal muscles tightened up, even our sex went right back to normal. The height that it went to however was much greater. Jason didn’t even seem to mind much that I took to teasing and taunting him throughout our love making. I was becoming very aware that I could greatly enhance his climax by throwing some well placed verbal assaults at him just as we were both about to get off. We had found a really cool place to exist in our new lives and we were both quite happy about it all.

I had just started a job myself as a receptionist at a small business. It was a little boring, but there were a couple of cute guys that I would occupy my time with during the leaner hours. I looked at them as co-workers and that meant I had no serious plans of hitting on them, despite the fact that they often hit on me. One of them was even married, but that didn’t deter him from making suggestive remarks over us possibly hooking up.

It was Friday and since Jason had collected his first paycheck, we decided to go out on the town. I teased Jason unmercifully before leaving that I was really going to get dressed up to go hunting for Manmeat; not him. I had started referring to the side of my newly acquired permissive life style in set ways so that I could not only get a rise out of Jason, but really more to get him ready for the next time I felt the need for a stranger’s arms around me.

Jason had stepped out for a moment when Abby had called and I caught her up on things. I had told her almost every detail of what had been transpiring in our lives even though I kept our conversations hidden from Jason. I needed a confidant though and since she was a hundred miles away and still my best friend, she was it. She could be a devil to poor Jason though. Knowing the new permissions I had to act on my once hidden desires, she would always want to know if I had seen my next victim. It’s funny, I sort of thought as Jason as the victim in all this.

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Ruth Blackwell!

When Jason came back through the door, I decided to cut things short so he wouldn’t catch me telling her something too personal. But the bitch left me crunching my thighs together when she told me that since we were going out for the night that I ought to give Jason a hard time and find my next hookup. I playfully told her to blow it out her ass and hung up, but that one quick exchange planted a seed in my mind that stuck there. It remained so close to the forefront of my thoughts that when I dressed to go out, it wasn’t just my typically cute style I would wear to be with Jay, but rather provocatively. Jason didn’t seem to notice, so I guess he figured I had dressed up just to be on his arm.

At first, we were just going to walk to the bar next door, but Jason wanted something to eat as well, so we drove down the road to a bar/restaurant combo. The second we stepped inside, Jason said, Oh, god!

I had to ply him for what he had his mind set on, and finally he told me that he had instantly seen all the guys and thought, Flirt City. I promised him I would be nice, but my sweet gent knew I had been very nice for over two weeks now and told me, No, it’s okay. I said I’d take you out to have fun, so…

I stared into his deep blue eyes for a moment and told him, Damn, I have the most awesome boyfriend. Between you and Abby, you guys can drive me…

I caught myself and realized I had opened a door I had wanted to leave closed very tightly.

Jay asked, Between me and Abby what?

I hummed and hawed for a moment and then he asked me again. It’s just that the two of you don’t think I can live without… screwing around.

Jason smiled as he looked over the menu and asked, So, she told you to go looking for a replacement for Mack?

She doesn’t even…

Jason stopped me before I could make it into a full blown lie. I know you talk to her everyday. And… I fully expect she knows all the little details by now.

Since he didn’t look as irritated or angry as I would have thought he would be, especially since I had promised him I wouldn’t tell her anything intimate, I decided to end my last big lie to him. You know she’s been my best friend forever, and I really need to talk to someone about all this, and…

I know, I know! Jason stopped me and made his point. As long as I never have to see her again, and since I’m never going back home, I don’t really care anymore. You don’t think I know what you’re talking about when you hang up every time I come through the door?

I asked, Then you don’t mind if I talk to her about all this then?

As long as you can refrain from talking about me when I’m around, I don’t really care? There’s a world of other stuff you can talk about when I’m in the room.

Again I just looked at him and quietly said to myself, Awesome! This is just the greatest guy in the world. Then I told him, But this is our celebration, so I’m all yours tonight.

He smiled, looked slowly around the male infested bar and after a big sigh, Right! I don’t care anymore. You’ve proven to me that you can contain yourself and that you really do love me, despite the things you got a kick out of doing to me, so have fun. He must have realized that he was giving me an open invitation, so he added, Within reason? And as long as it’s safe.

Since he was still sporting a smile, I told him I would take it easy on him, but I did start looking at all the guys around me a little differently. I even imagined what a couple of them might be like in the sack.

We had a fairly nice meal and were talking about my new job when two guys walked over to the table and introduced themselves; to me. When the taller of them made it clear that he was trying to pick me up, I blurted out, How fucking rude! My boyfriend is sitting right here.

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Spring Thomas

The guy shot him a scathing look and said he thought he was my brother. However, he didn’t leave and kept hitting on me. Jason was smiling because he knew this was just the type of man I found interesting in my own Sybil-way. And he was right, because as rude as the guy was, he was turning my head with his salacious charm. When he invited me to sit with him and his friend, I pointed out that I wasn’t going anywhere with him, so he asked if they could sit with us. His friend decided to go back to his own table, but there was something about this guy that made me fall for him, But you can sit with us if you want.

One peek Jason’s way told me he knew I was going to have my fun and the guy, Jack, started right in openly flirting with me again. I kept making small talk with Jason while he kept steering the conversation his way, and finally I asked Jason to get me another drink. He started to hold up his hand to summon the waitress, but one look at me and he decided to go to the bar to get it himself. As soon as he was gone I laid it straight out for Jack. Look, I love the flirting and all, but I won’t tolerate you insulting my guy.

He fired back with, Oh, you’re just a cock tease then, I see.

I love to tease them, but it doesn’t always end that way; necessarily!

That put him on the ropes and he asked, Then I have a chance of getting you back to my place tonight?

He seemed floored again when I said in no uncertain way, Not a chance of it. You could be a serial killer for all I know.

Now he knew there was a slight possibility of getting into my pants, which set my lips to quivering, but he was going to have to put some effort into making me trust him first. He asked me if I would go to a hotel with him just as Jason came back with my drink and I answered, That’s still a little too… private; for now anyway.

I saw I had the poor guy totally confused, but I would have bet a grand on whether or not he had a boner under the table. He finally began treating Jason as if he were sitting with us and made some of his own small talk. After taking a serious look at the guy, I decided that he might just have a chance with me after all. With that in mind, I decided to empty my bladder, just in case. I found out from Jason later on that the conversation immediately turned to my teasing of his instrument and he was trying to get Jason to tell him how he could be alone with me.

Jason wasn’t just going to act like my pimp and just hand me over to the guy; especially since the second I was gone he had gone back to ignoring the fact that he was my boyfriend. When I got back, Jason decided to go to the bathroom himself so as to give us a minute alone. He denied it later on, but I know where his heart is now.

The second he began pleading with me to make him a happy man for the night, I told him again that I was there with Jason and I wasn’t dumping him. He asked about meeting me later then, and I told him that might be possible. When he told me he didn’t believe Jason was really my boyfriend, I finally decided to answer his repeated assertions over my link with Jay. I told him how Jason and I had an understanding and that under the right circumstances I might just walk away with the right guy. That was when he made everything feasible. He had just asked me to go to the parking lot with him just to fool around a little when Jason came back again.

I leered at him and responded with, That could be something to think about. Jason had to see my heightened aroused